How To Write Content For A Website To Get Ranking On Google?

How To Write Content For A Website To Get Ranking On Google?

“Content is the King!”- Something that we all are aware of! But, do we apply it on our website? Do we understand and implement it?

Search Engine Optimization can be a little complicated, moreover, if the search engine keeps on changing. It becomes a tedious task to rank the same or even better on the Google search engine results page.

Therefore, Google Website ranking can become difficult at times. But, of course, you cannot leave the playground! This is a never-ending game that you have to play no matter how badly you do not want to!

There are some guidelines or tips that you can adopt to improve the content and make your website rank better! Read on to learn them.

How To Write Content For A Website To Get Ranking On Google?

How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

Curate Useful And Compelling Content
Both Google and your readers seek high-quality content that is useful to them. There are technical tricks that you can adopt to make your content compelling and easy to rank on Google. But, the best method is to not play with tricks. Make sure to keep the content clean, professional and articulate the content as per the audience.

Think About Search Intent
Find the popular search intent to relate to the searcher’s intent and address their needs via your content. Try to curate content revolving around what users are looking for and relay to your website.

Do Proper Keywords Research Before Writing
Before writing the content, use proper planning of keywords. Carefully choose the keywords and include them subtly in the content. Make sure that you use keywords as a foundation of the content and deliver a richer experience to the readers.

Use Keywords Carefully
Keep the keywords carefully in the piece of content strategically in your title, heading, meta descriptions, and URL. Use the keywords enough times but do not overstuff them. Manipulate the keywords in the content naturally.

Create Accurate And Descriptive Title Tags
The title tags tell the users about the content to the users and the search engines. Therefore, prepare a creative and useful title for each page of the content. Make sure to keep it short and use the keywords properly.

Use Headers In The Body Of The Content
People do not actually read the entire blog; they love to skim the content online and have a quick scan of the content and grasp the content’s idea and intent. Thus, use the headers properly to give the reader a good experience.

Watch Trends, But Not Blindly
Keep sure of the trend related to your niche if you see some websites and webpages related to the same topic. Focus on finding a unique touch to the rising trend.

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