When it comes to attracting customers to your website, nothing beats Google Adwords. This is a fast way of getting customers on the board as it only focuses on its targeted audience.

WebFactor is the leading name in Burlington, Ontario, when it comes to choosing the best and affordable PPC campaign services. Our experienced team knows exactly what all is required for a successful PPC campaign and work on developing innovative strategies to achieve the same.

There are a lot of click frauds going on and without a professional back up, one can hardly get to find that. Don’t worry! Our technical team will take care of it every manner for you.

Google Adwords Management
Looking To Bid Yourself For PPC Campaign? Get Professional Help And Save a Lot Of Money!

Why Go For PPC?

Most of the website owners ask this question as it involves spending money every time someone clicks. This can turn out to be good and bad at times. However, when you have WebFactor team backing you, it will turn out to be good only as we don’t just go for it but go for it with a planned strategy.

Testing Features

With PPC, your keyword use comes to test and you get to know if they are actually working out or not.

Maximize ROI

PPC is the fastest way to get maximum traffic and drive sales, maximizing your return on investment.

Customized Targeting

Geographical or keyword based ad campaigns help to target a specific audience for creating maximum impact.

Quick Results

As compared to SEO, PPC campaigns can be launched very quickly, getting results instantly.

Wide Reach

With PPC, you are able to divert maximum traffic to your website, creating more chances of a sale!

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

With PPC, you are able to drive maximum traffic to your website, getting more sales and profits.

How Web Factor Will Create a Difference For You?

WebFactor has hands on experience when it comes to PPC campaign management in Burlington. We prepare the best digital marketing strategies based out of extensive research and analysis to drive maximum traffic to your website. We organize custom campaigns to target specific groups to help in increasing brand awareness.

Preparing For The Landing Page

Landing page is the page where your customers arrive after clicking your add. This page should be well organized to evoke instant interest and a desire to purchase your products and services. Graphics, user experience, programming skills all count for the same.

Bid Management

One can really go over the budget, if has no knowledge in the keyword bidding. Our experienced team have been doing it since a long time now and know exactly how to go for it. We get the best bid to maximize your ROI.

Transparent Monthly Reporting
Transparent Monthly Reporting

At Web Factor, our PPC experts will provide you with monthly report so that you know how much your company’s user traffic and online presence has improved. We offer flexible plans that allows our clients to get the most out of their investment.

Efficient Keyword Research

Base on your targeted audience and geographical regions, we will find the right keywords for you through deep research. We know how to get the best results in the minimum possible time and provide you the same.

Let Google Adwords Bring More Traffic To Your Website & Not Drive Them Away!