WordPress has become one of the most favorited platform for developing websites. Whether you are looking to create a new website or want to upgrade your website to WordPress, WebFactor is there to support you.

From a mere blogging platform, to the world’s most used CMS platform, WordPress came a long way since its launch. We are the leading web design and digital marketing agency in Burlington, Ontario, offering a wide range of web services to make your website a success.

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Unlimited Plugins

One of the best part of choosing a word press website is that it offers a wide range of plugins to choose from. There are different kinds of plugins available to enhance your design, performance, SEO rankings and what not.

The important thing to realize here is that you should not just pick up any plugin and add to your website. It requires a professional and well experienced approach. WebFactor will help you in choosing those plugins which will actually affect the growth of your website as we are an expert for the same.

Responsive Design

WordPress Development

There is no point in making a website if it can’t be accessed from every device. With word press, your website get a responsive design making it accessible across all devices and smart-phones.

This is extremely important as most of the people are now accessing websites through their phones itself! In such a case, not having a responsive design would mean losing out on so many customers. Our professionals will help you get the best responsive design for your website.

WordPress Services

At WebFactor, we have all the services you require to take your website ahead of the competition. Our focused and planned strategies help you achieve your goals in no time through the following services:-

SEO Advantage

Apart from all the other advantages you get form WordPress, SEO benefit is of utmost importance. There is no point in making a website if you will not be found on first try. Google has already declared that WordPress websites will get a higher ranking in the Google searches as compared to the traditional ones.

Why Choose Web Factor?


We have been serving since a long time in Burlington, Ontario and have built up a reputation as none other.


Always dealing in fair trade practices, we our the most budget friendly company for web design and development.


We are never satisfied with the latest and are always looking for new ways to enhance our designing and development skills.

Unlimited Support
Unlimited Support

We don’t just disappear after making websites but offer support services throughput the year in case you face any difficulty.

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