Ready To Improve Your WP Website Speed Using Plugi

Ready To Improve Your WP Website Speed Using Plugins? Here Is Guide

Are you looking for the WordPress speed optimization plugins? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Optimizing your content, use of compressed images or videos, and keeping the site content to the point are the common steps everyone is recommended to keep in mind to speed up your website loading.


Besides, several issues related to your website speed can be fixed easily by installing the plugins. There is a long list of plugins that can help you to improve your site speed.

Top WordPress Speed Plugins

  • Autoptimize
  • AMP For WP
  • Better Search Replace
  • CAOS for Webfonts
  • CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally
  • CDN Enabler
  • Display PHP Version
  • GTmetrix For WordPress
  • Harry’s Gravatar Cache
  • Imagify
  • PHP Compatibility Checker
  • Plugin Organizer
  • Query Monitor
  • Specify Image Dimensions
  • WP Rocket
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • WP YouTube Lyte
  • WP Disable
  • WP Hosting Performance Check

Note: The user is suggested to get some backups in place because these plugins may cause issues on your website depending on what themes and plugins of what version you are using currently.

1. Caching Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

The cache is a collection of several temporarily saved data that enables you for quick access upon request. The caching process can affect your website speed. WordPress is, on the other hand, is dynamic content management that fetches information from the database related to every visitor on your site and then runs several additional steps before the web page reaches to the user browser. As a result, your website loads slower.

With the use of the caching plugin, it enables your WordPress website to skip a lot of steps and directly makes a copy of the page after the initial load.

Another important thing is setting up an expiry date of static resources, and for this, you can use the WP performance score booster. This plugin allows you to set an expiry date for static resources and other optimizations as well.

2. Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript

This is another issue related to optimizing your website, and this can be fixed using Autoptimize. Once you have installed it, you may need for some other configurations like go into the plugin’s setting page > click checkboxes to optimize HTML, CSS and JAVAScript.

Update your each checkbox one by one and track your site between each box to find if anything is affected.

3. Content Caching

Caching the content is another essential factor that improves your site speed. Its benefits include:

. The files on your website become static and faster than database queries.
. Reduces the load on servers because the queries would not be able to be sent to and from the database.
. Your site loads faster as when the users go onto the next page on your website they have cached the files from last page rather than reloading them.

For caching the content, you can use the WP Rocket and WP Super Cache. If you use the Wpengine it includes the benefits such as installing a CDN, instant backups and statistics on how fast your website is.

If you have any questions on how to install these plugins or how to improve your website speed, then reach us at Web Factor. We are the leading WordPress web design and development company in Burlington, Ontario. From designing a website to its overall maintenance, we are your one-stop solution. Call us to discuss your website requirements.