5 Mistakes You Should Avoid With E-Commerce UI/UX Design

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid With eCommerce UI/UX Design

The internet has been sprouting up with so many eCommerce websites on it. As a result, it has become difficult to differentiate one from another. This is because web developers and designers are following the footprints and making the same mistakes that others.

eCommerce UI/UX Design

The main goal of a web designer is to create a website relatively straightforward and easy to navigate. But, a problem with the user is relying too much on the UX (user experience). They forget what the visitors are aspiring for and they focus on what the site should be in their manner. In order to be professional in a competitive world, one is suggested to avoid the major mistakes which will automatically make you an expert web developer.

Avoid These Web Designing Mistakes:

Complex Navigation Interface

Creating a complex navigation interface is one of worst web design features that is not disappeared yet. The navigation interface of any e-Commerce website should be intuitive and simple so that users can understand and immediately pick it up. If you provide it with multiple filters and options, it will help the users to drill down the products they are looking for. A breadcrumb navigation included in the website will let the users know where they are located and how to come out easily.

Minimum Focus On The Product Details

A visitor especially visits a website to buy a product. If you are not providing enough information, the users may not trust on your product. One should also focus on providing multiple images of one product. Moreover, if you display products and its related items with online sharing option, it will be able to deliver more traffic to your site.

Irrelevant Content With CTA

Every CTA should be separated from the overall content. If you mention the content along with CTA option it may unable to draw the visitors to your business. In the term of designing a CTA, you have to mention it in the next step using white-spaces, attractive colours and should be in compelling words.

Sophisticated Checkout Process

A checkout process of an eCommerce website should be compact. It should be like users can easily see the shopping cart from every page of the site. A cart should involve all fees including the shipping and for removing any ambiguity as well as allow your customers to purchase online without signing up an account. The whole process should meet with the fastest time to complete the shopping process.

No Information About The Shopping Process

Don’t waste the time of users by providing ambiguity about shopping and contact information. If you provide an instant contact number where the customer required more information, it will help not to lose the visitor.

If you want to improve the conversion rate, generate the lead and earn more traffic to your site, you have to avoid the nominal mistakes. In case, you are looking for the expert developers who provide precise work then get in touch with Web Factor.