8 latest Web Design Trends for 2020

8 latest Web Design Trends for 2020

A good website plays a pivotal role in setting a brand and evolves the entire business. But what’s the most important component?

It is web design. Only a responsive and mobile-friendly one can make your site more engaging. Every year, there are some changes to create the best website.

8 latest Web Design Trends for 2020

For a modern and professional, here is some information to make a good website.

Organic Shapes

Geometric shapes are a thing of the past, now it’s all about organic shapes. These shapes will not involve any straight lines. Asymmetrical shapes in nature such as hills or edges of a river will break up the sections of a website in an interesting manner. They’ll be widely used in the background of the products displayed on the website to make it look more natural.

This will help in creating depth and adding floating elements to a design. It will give every web page a “3D Lite” look with some layering elements.


Minimalism, also called flat design will be a web design trend again in 2020. Web designers will experiment with colourful minimalism with more white space to highlight their services.

Each page will have a clean text with minimal design elements and colours for grabbing the attention of the users.

Mobile Navigation

Responsive design is a must in 2020. But it should not only be your site but it should be equally easy to use on mobile devices. 2020 will be focusing on creating thumb-friendly sites. It will improve your UX tenfold and make your site easier to use.

It will ensure your website is equally impressive and user-friendly on mobile devices. In fact, designing keeping in mind smartphones and tablets will make it easy to search and shop products or services on them.

The designers will first create user-friendly visuals for the small device users and then work on the desktop version. So, the responsive mobile app design will be the norm for the designers in 2020. It is important to create the mobile dominant content to rank in the search results.

Material Design

Material design was introduced by Google in 2014. It is all about using colour and shadows to mimic the physical world and its textures. It will take over traditional web design which makes sites look flat. It will help in making the three-dimensional subtle icons.


Bold typography has taken over a lot of leading corporations’ websites. The heavy and bold fonts will definitely be a trend to capture the user’s attention. They will convey a message to the reader instantly. A combination of heavy fonts with neutral colours will be used to focus on the headlines. It will be like an image of their own without much effort.

Dark Mode

Dark mode makes the website look ultra-modern. The design elements pop and grab the attention of users to a particular service.

It makes every website visually stunning from the beginning. Dark themes are suitable for OLED screens. Dark backgrounds improve visibility making a truly dynamic design.

It is a good way to reinvent a website design. This latest iteration is the boldest and futuristic approach to make veritably vivacious visuals. Extreme minimalism and dark mode will play a critical role in web design.

Photography with Graphics

Overlapping real photographs with photographs create a memorable visual. It is a versatile collage-like trend that adds extra charm to a bland product photo.

It will be used to communicate abstract concepts of tech or finance easily. It’ll completely change images and add more personality to every web design.

It is best to match the style of your brand personality. A different style will sway the way people interpret the photograph will detail to something more sophisticated.

Interactive Web Storytelling

This is good to offer a rich unique user experience to the web users. Storytelling elements will be incorporated into websites to engage visitors. It is one of the best ways to keep your audience connected with your without. Websites have already started using storytelling to convey a message. And, for a better impact, they appeal emotionally. Lists of websites have incorporated storytelling techniques and established themselves.

In this new decade, web designers are inspired by the past and focusing on modern web design to make the user-friendly site. Minimalist navigation and less eye-straining dark design will be web designers’ inspiration for the future. WebFactor focuses on good web design to support good user experience and finally good business.